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a tale  unplugged

i believe  every story has a definite  meaning attached to it  regardless  how  you see it ,its within this mode of expression i took the liberty  to unpack my  sudden  interest in this  episodic woman  of note who i am deeply  loving  from a writer s  point of view

iI was minding my own business  when i suddenly  introduced myself to  a blog that really defines  a certain  perspective  about how a woman thinks ,behave and sees ideas as we all have our own Mona lisamoment when it comes to portraying  your self in words

i believe that a certain part of me was a bit caught off when it comes   to how does one  redefine herself  in  a world where women are victimized based on how they look  physically and even emotionally  but she is an icon  of note  who takes no prisoners but what  stands out about  her its her resilience in seeing to it that  women are recognized within the borders of art and business but beyond that building a sense  of identity within which  ones ideas are conserved regardless of your sexuality

A defining gesture its her free spirit approach to  her own voice which i havent heard but the  point is that believe what God has given unto you in spite of the challenges


green legacy  creatives

its  one of those stories that you can tell your kids  on how a  dream can be catapult  you into  a dimension  never been experienced ,with that being  said  i feel  his story  its worth  telling .

i met  penwell  green  whose  real name is penuell mapoti bahula  a young affluent and creative addict who  oily had his  heart and  a passion for  music as  custodians of what  would  really define his worth,its within that  period  that i saw him  evolve into lethal wordsmith  using rap  as a jargon of unpacking some of the  concepts  he had in his mind

reasonably one may argue that  considering that rap  music wasn’t  popular with  the society given the circumstances  but he ventured on and believed  that  he is a dream unplugged  and  only he can  approve his downfall

apart from  being a  great artist in this c case being  a rapper or an mc as they would prefer  to call it these days , he doubles up as graphic designer  and web developer  which proves that  he understands the  kinda skills required in  succeed  which  clearly proves that he is a man  with a definite  vision

i truly see his involvement in the  die or live  industry


Peaceful Kgomo

magic  portion in our minds

my  reflection  of who she is its  quite not yet clear  as i am still yet to meet her in person  but from  what  i have gathered  it  is a  wonderful  of how a certain stigma can be  a blessing  in disguise in  a sense that  you  would never  know how  much you mean  to someone  if he hasn’t tested your moral ethics  or better yet  what you stand for  as  a human being

i have  been fortunate to  follow her blog and she seems  okay with  the fact  that her  status  quo cannot stop her from achieving  what she wants in life and that’s the  beginning part of this  remarkable woman of thought

relatively young with a bigger  heart mine ,she boldly  steps out  of her cocoon  in order that  the world  may see  butterfly  state , for some reason i didn’t understand  such bravery but i  realised that God can never entrust with a  gift that  is beyond  your capability  and that for me sums  up my  story about her

like  a magic portion  in her  hand ,we all had  to take  a sip of her soulful heart cause she was destined to change the articulation or connotation of how we feel  about  her  and if that’s  not magic  then i am lost

i hope she continues  to surge forward  and inspire  other like-minded  women  who are demystifying the odds of  male dominance

QueenDOM rocks


Queen Dom Rocks

it is  a story of three  amazing  writers who  are born with  a definite purpose of redefining the  landscape of spoken  word in a  manner that epitomizes  their  qualities  but  also  ensuring  the voice of a  female alpha  its  heard

1 Emmah  Rhema  Mabye

one  of thee  most gifted performer  of spoken word  and truth be told  she is a reflection of  how a society ought to  think ,feel and  breathe life in a moral  way ,as a young girl raised  in a  family  that it is spiritual grounded  in this instance  being a christian  she  had to break some stigmas  in order her voice  be understood  in her  own tempo so  to speak  but ideally  its the simplest gesture s made in our hearts that  emulate a certain  lesson in us in that a flower  only finds  its  through the death of its fountain ,its with this  in mind that emmah  mabye  has  raised her  hand  up high to say  i am flower that will  grow  beyond  the fountains of its own river

she is  part of a movement pen seed poets  who are enshrined  in  showcasing the heart of christ  through  performances  which were  spread across the landscape of Pretoria and  Johannesburg  but the main point  of it all its that  she is queendom of  note

2.busisiwe veronica mahlangu

what can i say  about this diamond of note  whom i personally  love as a dear friend  but most  importantly  she has been proven herself as a major threat when  it comes  writing  but also idealistic  values  which i still  believe its early days to  sing her praises but ooh my she is an amazing  writer

Introduced to us through  a system  called  current state  of poetry  which i find catchy in terms  zof its definition  but also  what really  defines its mission or mandatory in  this case  case  seeing poets being able to  make  a living out of  their own  craft

she is  the current tshwane speak out loud  champion which is primarily a competition that aims  to promote the standard or rather  echo the voices which  govern the mindset of spoken word

3 . Nkateko Priscilla MAsinga

a young lady who is  truly when it comes  to writing her heart to  the people  but most importantly she is a force  to be  reckoned  with

funny enough she has  authored  three books which i find them  interesting  in a sense that  they are all a spectacle  of what  she encounters  as a female  who is living in a country where women are victimized  in a very word  sense but that has   derailed her  but  has  pushed her  in speaking  against such

the aim idea it’s that regardless  of how  you were raised in your  own back yard  that  cannont stop you from living your dream  and being what  you were supposed  to be ,so help me in celebrating this  phenomenal women of note

QQueen DOM rocks

sinawo bukani

a story  never  told 

it  is so  unreal when i read  some of  her blog and i wonder  what inspires her taste  in terms of writing  but i have realized  that being honest about  how you project  your emotions helps you  to see the  great potential which you  possess  from within  and that for me captures the  true essence  of a writer

She  comes across as a  flamboyant character  who personally  i like as she  is not afraid  to speak to her mind about  certain stigmas prevailing in  our societies  whether  its  issues relating to  social stigma and Christianity  which  personally i love  and cant  wait  to read her blog

Apparently  she needs no introduction  to writing as she honed her craft through a  constant  teachings of how a person ought to relate  to her own spiritual strength  but also be cautious of the  realities which we face  daily

it is a great blog to read  when facing certain ideas  which you are not  sure about


An amazing piece of art

Inside Ink

It starts with a burst thought bubble.

A prelude to pins and needles.

Sickle-shaped blood

Scratches the walls

Of my veins.

My brain

Takes the pain

From each clot

In my lanes.

It’s insane!

That this

Is the feeble body

That my soul has sought.


Abnormal cells

What sins have you wrought?

I was born a pin cushion.

A seating place for pain

To make its point.

It usually holds meetings

In my joints

Where paralysis takes the minutes

And screams are first on the agenda.

ICUs always lead the room

Through the hollowing of my bones

In sights of Cs

And seas of sorrow.

It’s only by the grace of God

That I live to see tomorrow,

Because in those moments,

I’m the leaning tower of Babel

Babbling on about the failures of my spinal column.

Support built on flawed bedrock.

When the marrow trembles

I quake


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Intellectual Content

defining  our  wealth through  content management

Its been  a  norm that some our  brilliant ideas have been  used to  mould certain  identities which  ultimately impoverished  our so called wealth  and we cant  stand  in the  dark  and pretend everything its okay  as for centuries  ,its  been a trend  to receive bad  vibes about  our land and intellectualism

  • what  makes  us the envy of  mankind